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TheeLeftHand is a site created to explore the world, and release exclusive news daily. Under direction, Tyler and Nasser created this site in an attempt to put up exclusive music, share photography through their lifestyle, display the newest trends in fashion, interview multiple people, and so forth. With the music industry growing at a rapid rate, both of us have had major interest in how it functions and progresses, so we've taken the time to make that a huge focal point. What sets this apart from some sites is the diversity in the music. From hip-hop to trance, it'll be here. Inspired by In Flex We Trust, The Creator's Project, 2DopeBoyz, and a couple of other sites, we've decided to embark on a journey in attempts to hang with the top dogs and set ourselves apart from the competition in any way possible. We hope to maintain a level of excellence and continue following our aspirations.

Check Out The Nike Dunk Hi “J-Pack” on! #Fashion #Nike #Ignsneakercommunity #SneakerFreakers #Sneakerheads #Dunk #JPack (Taken with Instagram)

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